Missing a day of school does matter!

Our target is for all children to have an attendance of 96% and above.

Allowing your child to miss a day off school does matter and our school is taking attendance very seriously.

Allowing children to miss a day of school not only means they are missing their right to education, but it is also breaking the law. Routines are necessary for parents/carers and children. ROUTINES ARE IMPORTANT!!

Here at Edale Rise, we are working hard to improve attendance. Levels of absence at an early stage, may result in low attendance.

Allowing children to miss school without good reason is not acceptable, taking your child shopping, letting them stay at home due to a minor cold or going on holiday during term time are just some examples.

We understand that some parents need help with getting their child to school and we are happy to offer help and practical support through school.

If you would like further information and support with school attendance please contact the school attendance team of Carol Arnold, Zoe Pieniazek and Tom Buckmaster.


Attendance Team


Zoe Pieniazek Carol Arnold Tom Buckmaster

Sponsors and companies who are working with us to improve attendance and punctuality in our school.

  • Motorpoint Derby
  • ASRA Community Cafe St Anns
  • Skateland Lenton
  • Frankie and Bennys Nottingham
  • Aquinas Foundation


Alternatively, you can visit, or contact Nottingham City Council’s Education Welfare Service by calling 0115 9150716 or emailing