Learning Zone

Learning Zone

Dave the Dog – A Story about Coronavirus


Website: http://www.charlesdickens.southwark.sch.uk/

Description: the Jenny Wren Virtual School SEN Hub offers daily lessons for pupils with moderate learning difficulties, focusing on Makaton and a daily activity to complete with a parent or teacher.

Website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/tiny-happy-people/

Description: The BBC are promoting Tiny Happy People as a part of speech, language and communication support for early years children in recognition of the Word gap.

White Rose Maths:

Here is a link to some Maths lessons that you can complete with your children at home.  There is a video you can watch and some activities to try.


Home Lessons:

For Year 4 pupils and any Year 5 & 6 pupils who did not take instruments home:

Lessons without instruments – Pulse & Beat Lesson 1 & Hey Mr Miller

For Year 5 and 6 students who did take instruments home:

Currently, two lessons of Eye of the Tiger is available here, but there will be more lessons uploaded very soon,  including Drunken Sailor and We Will Rock You.

Newsletters from Teachers: