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Edale Rise Primary and Nursery School


Computing at Edale is taught in six key blocks, which are revisited and built upon as pupils progress through school. Children learn about computer systems and networks, coding and how algorithms work, data handling, creating media and e-safety. We believe it is key for students to leave Edale well prepared for an ever growing digital world and also with confidence and understanding around the benefits and risks of being online.

Through following the Kapow computing curriculum, children will develop profound digital literacy, have the opportunity to experiment with and create digital outcomes using a plethora of platforms and celebrate these achievements in digital showcases.

Amongst other things, the computing curriculum will ensure that all children;

  • use reasoning to explain how simple algorithms work;
  • design, write and debug programs;
  • use technology to create, organise, store and edit information;
  • recognise uses of technology inside and outside of the school setting;
  • understand computer networks including the internet and use search engines effectively and responsibly;
  • record, capture and edit content on a variety of platforms;
  • use technology safely and respectfully.