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Edale Rise Primary and Nursery School

Design & Technology

Our children ​are taught Design Technology using the Kapow scheme of work.  They complete three projects per year using a wide range of skills in areas such as: food, structures, textiles, mechanical systems and electrical systems. For example, in Year 2, children explore a range of linkages and levers before designing, making and evaluating their own moving monster.

The children are encouraged to use a wide range of materials, tools and techniques, including everyday equipment such as scissors, construction kits and cooking equipment. We also have a design technology trolley which holds specialist equipment such as hammers, saws and woodwork materials. The children are taught how to use the equipment safely and for a purpose.

Throughout the year, we have whole school ‘design and make’ projects which the children are challenged to complete at home such as the ‘Great Edale Bake Off’. These will be advertised during the year so keep a look-out for them!